Telecom Industry Leaders Select Wireless Expressways, Inc. as Featured Exhibitor in Innovation Showcase of CTIA 2013

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, Mar. 29, 2013 – Wireless Expressways, Inc., (WE) the leading provider of in-building waveguide-based wireless distribution systems, announced today that it has been selected as a featured exhibitor in the Innovation Showcase sponsored by The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley in this year’s CTIA 2013 show in Las Vegas.

Wireless Expressways, Inc.’s Waveguide-based Technology Solves Wi-Fi Coverage Difficulties in Warehouses, Factories

San Antonio, Texas, 11 December 2012 — Wireless Expressways, Inc., “WE”, has developed and field tested a new, efficient, wireless distribution system that blankets indoor sites with highly reliable wireless coverage.

At the center of the system is a low-loss, low-cost, company-developed waveguide backbone.

How to Completely Cover a 40,000 Square Foot Warehouse With Wi-Fi Using One Access Point

As seen in the Dec2012 issue of Cabling Installation and Maintenance magazine.

One of the most difficult types of indoor spaces to fully illuminate with Wi-Fi signals is the typical, large, multi-aisle warehouse. The product racks between aisles look like variably reflecting and partially leaking walls to the passage of

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    Wireless Expressways, Inc. was founded to develop and market new, advanced, wireless distribution systems that help solve the recognized problem of insufficient and often unreliable signal coverage in indoor user facilities.
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